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Are you looking for High Frequency word practice with High Frequency word activities that match YOUR word list? This set of editable High Frequency word activities can be used with any High Frequency word list!
Let's the fun, hands-on, High Frequency word practice begin!!
In just a few moments, you can have 5 different activities prepared for ALL of your High Frequency words.
This editable High Frequency words bundle includes five different activity mats. All mats are EDITABLE and AUTOFILL with YOUR High Frequency words. Create an UNLIMITED number of High Frequency word practice mats with this bundle!
No need to install fancy fonts! Just download the PDF, type in your words, and BAM...your High Frequency word activity mats are ready!



EDITABLE High Frequency Word Magnetic Letter Mats

  • These mats are perfectly sized to fit 1.5inch magnetic letters! Students drag and drop magnetic letters onto the mat to build the High Frequency word.
  • Print on cardstock and/or laminate, cut, and your students are ready to build their High Frequency words! 


EDITABLE High Frequency Word Play Dough Mats

  • These mats have a custom play dough font that teaches students to make each letter of the High Frequency word out of play dough.
  • Print on cardstock and/or laminate OR put inside a plastic sleeve and students are ready to build their High Frequency words!


EDITABLE High Frequency Word Write and Wipe Mats

  • There are two versions of this mat!
    • The first version includes letters on two lines with numbers to guide letter formation.
    • The second version includes dots so that students can trace each letter (no arrows).
  • Print on cardstock and/or laminate OR put inside a plastic sleeve. Use expo markers and an eraser for the write-and-wipe feature!


EDITABLE High Frequency Word Sign Language

  • These mats feature a custom font that shows how to sign each LETTER of the High Frequency word. Inside the image of the hand is the letter.
  • Print on cardstock and/or laminate. Put on a ring for High Frequency word sign language task cards!


This bundle includes a BONUS all-at-once file!
Download this PDF, type in your 10 High Frequency word ONCE, and ALL 50 activity mats in the bundle will automatically generate!


How does it work?

  • This set is intended for English High Frequency words with 1-9 letters.
  • As you type in your word list, 10 mats are INSTANTLY generated.
  • Reuse the file to create an unlimited number of High Frequency word mats.
  • Create enough High Frequency word mats for the entire YEAR in a matter of minutes!


Do I need special software to create these printables?

  • In order to use these magical files, you need access to Adobe Reader. It is completely FREE, and probably already installed on your computer. If not, a link to download is included in the file.


I am not tech savvy. Can I still use this?

  • Absolutely! I’ve created this resource extremely user-friendly, and easy to follow directions are included in the download.


Can I make Spanish (or other language) High Frequency word mats?

  • No, not every custom font in this bundle includes Spanish accents, numerals, or symbols.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 55 REUSABLE pages

Get all of the resources below at a discount by purchasing this bundle!

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