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Are you looking for High Frequency word sign language mats? Build fine motor skills AND practice High Frequency words with this awesome High Frequency word activity.
This set of High Frequency word sign language mats is EDITABLE! 
Type in 10 High Frequency words and 10 High Frequency word sign language mats will automatically generate!
With this resource, you can create an unlimited number of High Frequency word sign language mats!
*Your High Frequency word list might change, but your resources don’t have to!* ;-)



  • Sign language mats come two per page. Use a paper cutter to cut across the dotted line OR keep the pages together.
  • In place of each letter the is an image of the American Sign Language hand sign for the letter. Within the image is the letter in a tiny font.
  • NOTE: This activity is intended to practice High Frequency word SPELLING. Students will be signing each LETTER of the High Frequency word, not the meaning of the High Frequency word.


How to Use

  • Print on cardstock, cut and put on rings.



  • Type your words on page 3. The mats will automatically generate.
  • ONLY the High Frequency word (in the sign language font) is editable. The other text/graphics on the page are not editable.
  • You can use these mats for ANY High Frequency words, as long as they are between 2-9 letters.
  • This custom sign language font (which you DO NOT need to install), does not include Spanish accents.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 10 REUSABLE pages

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