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A more advanced version of the best-selling All-in-One Reading Passage Bundle, these reading passages focus on multisyllabic words within each of the popular phonics skills. Do your students need a phonics and decoding intervention? Do your high readers need to be challenged? Practice, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and decoding multisyllabic with these reading passages!



***I have now added DIGITAL versions of every single passage! These passages have been formatted for use with Google Classroom™️ and Seesaw. The passages are the same, but students interact with the passage through drag-and-drop features as well as text boxes in reformatted Google Slides™️ and Seesaw.*** -ALL previous owners get digital access for FREE, just download the file again. -All new owners get digital AND printable versions so that you can use them now and when school is back in session.

Update: November 29, 2020 - Seesaw-ready passages have been added for free!

About the Passages:

Before reading, students will highlight all target skill words and practice reading them in isolation. Then, students will read the passage three times (tracked using the smiling faces at the bottom) to build fluency. Finally, students will use text-based evidence to answer the comprehension questions. Students will also practice spelling patterns by using one of the target skill words in a written sentence of their own! 

The following sets and skills are included in this BUNDLE:

(9) Digraphs and Silent Letters:
  • ch
  • tch
  • gn
  • kn
  • ph
  • sh
  • th
  • wh
  • wr


(16) Long Vowels:
  • a_e
  • ai
  • ay
  • ea
  • ee
  • i.e. (long e)
  • y (long e)
  • i_e
  • igh
  • y (long i)
  • o_e
  • oa
  • ow
  • u_e
  • ue
  • ew


(12) R-Controlled Vowels:
  • ar
  • air
  • are
  • er
  • ear
  • ir
  • ire
  • or
  • ore
  • our
  • oar
  • ur


(10) Diphthongs:
  • al
  • au
  • aught
  • aw
  • oi
  • oo
  • ou
  • ought
  • ow
  • oy

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 47 passages
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital Google Slides access
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital SeeSaw access
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