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Phonics reading passages provide perfect practice for reading fluency and reading comprehension! The reading passages focus on phonics, but they also provide the opportunity to practice fluency AND comprehension IN the context of reading.



***I have now added DIGITAL versions of every single passage! These passages have been formatted for use with Google Classroom™️. The passages are the same, but students interact with the passage through drag-and-drop features as well as text boxes in reformatted Google Slides™️.***

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  • All new owners get digital AND printable versions so that you can use them now and when school is back in session.


Each phonics passage features:

  • Targeted phonics skill displayed in the left-hand corner so that you and your students can easily identify the skill for that passage.
  • Left-aligned, engaging text that your students can interact with by highlighting the target skill words.
  • 1 or 2 graphics that match the targeted phonics skill and provides picture clue(s), which is especially beneficial to ESL/ELL students.
  • Three smiley faces that students color each time they read the story. This fun activity builds fluency and comprehension.
  • Three open-response comprehension questions that require students to the to the text and write the words related to the targeted phonics skill.


The All-in-One Reading Passages Story

  • I created this set of reading passages while teaching first grade. I did not like any of the decodable text the big-box curriculum offered. It wasn’t engaging.
  • However, I knew it how important it was for my students to practice phonics skills in the context of reading in order for their reading levels to increase.
  • We also had limited time in our daily schedule. Thus, All-in-One Reading Passages were born! These passages are targeted, engaging, and make students feel successful!


Skills Included:

Ending Blends
  • ct
  • ft
  • ld
  • lf
  • lk
  • lp
  • lt
  • mp
  • nd
  • ng
  • nk
  • nt
  • pt
  • sk
  • sp
  • st


  • scr
  • shr
  • spl
  • spr
  • squ
  • str
  • thr
  • dge
  • tch


  • dis
  • in
  • mis
  • non
  • over
  • pre
  • re
  • un
  • under


  • ed (/d/ sound)
  • ed (/id/ sound)
  • ed (/t/ sound)
  • er (one who)
  • er (superlative)
  • es/s
  • est
  • ful
  • ing
  • less
  • ly
  • y

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 46 passages
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital Google Slides access
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital SeeSaw access

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