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Diverse and differentiated, these Spring worksheets can be used for editable Spring spelling word activities, editable Spring sight word activities, and editable Spring word work!
Best of all, since these are completely editable, you can use the editable Spring activities for ANY word list!
Use these Spring worksheets with ANY list of words. Just type your words in ONCE and all of the pages will autofill!
NO NEED to download fonts!
NO NEED to mess with PowerPoint!
NO NEED to type in your words into each part of the Spring activities!
Just download, type, and print your customized Spring activities!


These activities can be used for any of the following word lists:

  • spelling words
  • sight words
  • phonics words
  • vocabulary
  • and more!



  • Choose your templates! The 10 spelling activities have been formatted for word lists with 5 words, 10 words, 15 words or 20 words.
  • Choose your word list length on page 5, and then type in your word list. A word list + 10 customized spelling activities will instantly generate.
  • Repeat with different word lists to differentiate for your entire class in SECONDS!


Editable Means Editable

  • Don't like the title I gave the page? No problem,¬†just click on it and type your own title! That specific page title will automatically change for that page on EVERY template (5 words, 10 words, 15 words, 20 words).
  • Don't like the directions I gave? No problem,¬†just click on it and type your own directions! Those specific page directions will automatically change for that page on EVERY template (5 words, 10 words, 15 words, 20 words).
  • NOTE: All graphics and spinners are locked and cannot be moved, per clip artists' terms of use.


How long does it take to edit Spring Word Work?

  • As you type in your information, 10 pages (+ a word list) are INSTANTLY generated.
  • Create differentiated activities for the entire months of March and April in a matter of MINUTES!


How many words can I use for Spring Word Work?

  • You can use these activities for any word list with 5, 10, 15, or 20 words.
  • If your word list is in between 5, 10, 15, or 20 words, round up and use that template. Just know that there might be a few blank spaces on the page.
  • Reuse the file to create an UNLIMITED number¬†of Winter practice pages.


Am I limited to short words? How long can my words be?

  • One of the things that makes this packet MAGICAL is that the font sizes will automatically increase or decrease based on the length of your words.
  • There is not a limit on word length, however, I do not recommend using supercalifragilisticexpialidocious¬†as one of your words. That would appear VERY tiny. ;)


Do I need special software to edit Spring Word Work?

  • In order to use these magical files, you need access to Adobe Reader on a desktop computer. It is completely FREE, and probably already installed on your computer. Click¬†here¬†to download it for free.


I am not tech savvy. Can I still use this?

  • Absolutely! I‚Äôve created this resource extremely user-friendly, and easy to follow directions are included on the first page of the download.


Can I translate this to Spanish?

  • Yes! Titles, directions, and ‚Äúname‚ÄĚ are editable! However, any text inside the spinners cannot be changed. Also, the alphabet in the "Cooking Up Codes" page is locked due to graphics use.


Please note: graphics are locked and cannot be moved.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 12 REUSABLE pages

Buy the bundle and get this resource at a discount!

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