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These editable spelling activities can be used with any word list! They're perfect for spelling homework, spelling centers, and more!
Are your students tired of doing the same spelling practice over and over? Are you looking for engaging spelling activities that match YOUR word list? You've come to the right place!
These EDITABLE spelling activities are engaging, seasonal, and can be used with ANY word list (5-20 words). They can be used for weekly spelling words, sight words, vocabulary, and more! These are perfect for centers and homework.
Download the PDFs, type your list ONCE on page 5, and the words will autofill on all twelve activity pages! Not only does this allow you to use this resource over and over, it makes differentiation that much EASIER!
These spelling activities can be used with word lists between 5-20 words. (Please note certain activities will not use 20 words, but all 20 words WILL be included in the word bank.)  


Included in this BUNDLE: 

  • Arctic ABC Order (write in alphabetical order, alphabet line included)
  • Cocoa Color-by-Letter (vowels VS consonants)
  • Colorful Coats (rainbow word writing)
  • Mitten Messages ("type" and write words, keyboard on page)
  • Penguin Pictures (illustrate the words)
  • Polar Practice (write words three times each)
  • Reindeer Rhymes (generate and write a rhyming word)
  • Silly Snow Story (write a story using as many spelling words
  • as possible)
  • Ski and Search (make a word search)
  • Snowflake Sorting (create categories and sort words)
  • Snowman Swirl (write words in a swirl without spaces)
  • Snowy Scribbles (write words in a fancy font)


  • Backwards Butterflies (write each word forwards and backwards)
  • Birdie Bubbles (write spelling words in bubble art)
  • Busy Bee Boxes (write spelling words in the appropriate letter boxes)
  • Chirping Chick Codes (Solve the code by writing the beginning sound for each picture - it ends up being a spelling word!)
  • Eggy ABC Order (write in alphabetical order, alphabet line included)
  • Garden Graphs (graph number of letters in spelling words)
  • Puddle Patterns (write spelling words in ABAB pattern)
  • Rainbow Roll and Write (roll and die and trace the words in that row)
  • Shamrock Syllables (write the word and color shamrocks to show the number of syllables)
  • Spring Spying (hide spelling words in a spring picture)
  • Spring Sunshine Spinner (spin and write spelling words)
  • Rainbow Repeat (write your spelling words three times each)


  • Beachy Backwards ABC's (write spellings words in backwards alphabetical order, backwards ABC line provided)
  • Camping Capitals (write words in capital letters)
  • Lengthy Lemonade (write words in order from shortest length to longest length)
  • Sunglasses & Secrets (use beginning sounds to "decode" spelling words)
  • Tropical Sound Tallies (write spelling words, count sounds, tally number of sounds)
  • Sandal Spinners (spin a color and rainbow write the words)
  • Sandcastle Syllable Sort (write and sort words according to number of syllables)
  • Sunshine Spiral (write words continuously in the spiral)
  • Surf and Search (create a word search with the spelling words, find the words)
  • Vacation Vowels (identify the vowel(s) in each word)
  • Watermelon Words ("hide" and find words in the picture)
  • Sunny Rays Repeat (write your spelling words three times each)


  • Alphabetical Acorns (write words in ABC order)
  • Leaf Pile Repeat (write your spelling words three times)
  • Batty Boxes ABC's (write spellings words in corresponding letter boxes)
  • Candy Apple Capitals (write words in all capital letters)
  • Consonant Crows (write words and underline/circle consonants/vowels)
  • Cracking Corny Codes (use beginning sounds to "decode" spelling words)
  • Fall favorites (write one sentence for each word)
  • Picture Pie ("hide" and find words in the picture)
  • Raking Rainbow Write (rainbow write each word three times)
  • Squirrelly Syllable Sort (write and sort words according to number of syllables)
  • Font Feast (spin and write words in corresponding “font” style)
  • Typing Turkeys (write and “type” words on printable keyboard)
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