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This set is the PERFECT addition to your Winter centers! It utilizes snowman family clip art to practice sorting over 175 cards in 22 word families. It also includes an editable format, so you can adjust this product to suit your students' specific needs.


Upon instant download, you will receive:

PDF Document (41 Pages)
  • Directions on how to use this center (as seen below)
  • 22 Word family mats
  • Each word family includes 6-12 snowman "baby" word cards
  • Word families included are: at, all, ar, ad, ell, en, eep, ent, ip, ing, it, in, ill, og, ore, op, ow, ook, ug, un, unk, ump


Editable PowerPoint (5 Pages)
  • Directions on how to edit this center
  • Editable Word Family Mat page
  • Editable Snowman "Baby" Word Card page
  • *Please note that all clip art & fonts are secured in order to honor the artist's terms of use. You will not be able to change the elements or layout of the page, but you will be able to change the word family (on the mat) and words (on the cards).*


How To Use This Center

  • Decide which word families you would like to use in your center. For example, you can use two short a word families, or two word families with different medial vowels. “Baby” cards are located on the page after the word mat. Some word family cards share a page.
  • Print the word family mat and the “baby” word cards you need.
  • Cut the cards. (Print on cardstock and laminate for durability).
  • Give the students the stack of cards and have them sort the cards onto the correct word mats.
  • Finally, have students fill out the Word Family List (page 40). Students can choose one word family to write (half page), or write both word families (whole page).

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 46 pages
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