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St. Patrick's Day Math has over 15 activities for St. Patrick's Day, including interactive worksheets, number cube activities (dice), a Shamrock Teen Numbers Counting Book, adding (with "manipulatives"), counting puzzles, and more!


Activities include:

  • Teen Numbers with base ten blocks
  • Addition to 12 (4 different interactive worksheets)
  • Shamrock number bonds (to 10)
  • Subtracting within 5
  • Counting on to 20 (from any given number; 2 worksheets)
  • Teen Numbers in Ten Frames
  • One more/One less (under 20)
  • Counting by 5's
  • Counting by 10's
  • 2D Plane Shapes
  • 3D Solid Shapes
  • Counting Puzzle 11-20 (color and black-and-white)
  • Counting Puzzles by Tens (2 versions; both in color and black-and-white)
  • Teen Numbers Counting Book - Ten Frames
This is perfect for Kindergarten classrooms, but can also be used in first grade classrooms for additional practice.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 24 pages
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