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Word Families Slide BUNDLE includes 22 phonics games for word family practice! 
These games are suited for 1-5 players. They are perfect for guided reading, small groups, homework, homeschool, and intervention groups.


How to Play:

  • Print, laminate, and cut game pieces. (Game boards do not require cutting).
  • Each player spins the spinner and moves the corresponding number of spaces on the game board.
  • They must then produce a word that belongs to the word family on their landing space. [For blends and digraphs, students must product a word with that blend/digraphs.]
  • Continue taking turns until a winner reaches the last circle! But watch out for those slides and arrows! ;-)
There are multiple ways to play and differentiate these games - ideas are included!

Included in this Bundle:

Short Vowel Word Family Game Boards Included
  • Short A
  • Short E
  • Short I
  • Short O
  • Short U


Blends and Digraphs Game Boards Included
  • L blends
  • R blends
  • S blends
  • beginning digraphs
  • ending digraphs


Long Vowel Game Boards Included
  • Long A
  • Long E
  • Long I
  • Long O
  • Long U


Diphthongs & R-Controlled Vowels Game Boards Included
  • oi
  • ou
  • ar
  • or
  • ûr (includes ur and ir)
  • oo (as in book)
  • oo (as in moon)
  • ô

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 39 pages/ 22 games

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