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30 no prep phonics worksheets for words with Ending Blends that are aligned to the Science of Reading!


These 30 Ending Blends Words Worksheets are:

  • ZERO prep
  • Fully Decodable (see note below)
  • Includes answer keys¬†


Ending Blends practiced in these worksheets include:

  • Ending S Blends (-sk, -sp, -st)
  • Ending L Blends (-lb, -ld, -lf, -lk, -lm, -lp, -lt)
  • Ending N Blends (-nd, -nt)
  • Misc. Ending Blends (-mp, -ct, -pt, -ft)


Ending Blends Words practice included in these worksheets:

  • Orthographic mapping (word mapping) Ending Blends words
  • Blending Ending Blends words
  • Identifying/matching/writing Ending Blends words
  • Building Ending Blends words letter by letter (cut and paste)
  • Reading decodable sentences with Ending Blends words
  • Showing comprehension of decodable sentences that include Ending Blends words
  • Reading decodable passage with Ending Blends words and answering comprehension questions


A Note about the Decodable Sentences & Passages / High Frequency Words

  • The sentences and passages include¬†only VC + CVC + CCVC + CVCC + VVC + CCVCC words and 10 pre-reading (irregular) high frequency words.
    • The 10 pre-reading irregular words (heart words)¬†are:¬†a, and, I, for, is, of, the, to, was, you


There are 11 different types of worksheets

  1. Word Mapping (based on pictures)
  2. Read & Match (write word under picture - word bank included)
  3. Write & Find (word map + word search)
  4. Crack the Code & Read (beginning sound code ‚Üí reading cvc words, circle matching picture)
  5. Blend & Read (and circle the matching picture)
  6. Build Words (cut and paste letters to make the word; write the word)
  7. Read & Find (the matching picture) 
  8. Read & Draw (decodable sentences)
  9. Pyramid Read & Match (decodable sentences with cut and paste pictures)
  10. Unscramble (decodable sentences) and Read
  11. Read (decodable passage) and Answer (comprehension questions)
Answer keys are included.


Note: These pages include ALL ending blend sounds. This includes multiple ending blend sounds on one page.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 30 pages and answer keys

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