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What if you had all of the High Frequency word worksheets and sight word printables you needed for the entire school year in one download? 
But wait! What if I promised you that this resource would be perfectly tailored to YOUR High Frequency words? It's not too good to be true! This is THAT resource. 
In other words, this is every High Frequency word teacher's dream come true!
★This editable bundle will include themed High Frequency word printables for EVERY month of the school year. The printables are everything you and your students need to teach, practice and master High Frequency words every month of the year!★

  • This is a money-saving BUNDLE, which means you are essentially getting THREE months for FREE! To access ALL 12 months at once, please download the BONUS file. These High Frequency word worksheets and printables are EDITABLE with AUTOFILL magic! That means you'll enter YOUR information and the High Frequency word activities will automatically appear!


Number of High Frequency Words

  • Did you know that research shows that students learn High Frequency words most effectively when they learn 10 words at a time? These printables are formatted to practice/learn 10 High Frequency words at a time. This can NOT be changed. You must enter 10 High Frequency words or you risk improper formatting on the printables. Some activities are scaffolded and include two sets of the same activity. Each set practices 5 words with the ability to practice all 10 words with you use both printables. Please see the printables description area for more information.


Length of High Frequency Words

  • Due to the autofill nature or this editable resource, High Frequency words must be between 1-9 letters.


What do you mean by editable?

  • Everything EXCEPT graphics is editable. That means the name/date boxes, titles, directions, and of course, sight words are ALL editable.


What do you mean by autofill?

  • On one page, you will type your 10 High Frequency words and two sentences per High Frequency word. ALL of the activities will INSTANTLY generate based on the information you provided.
Teacher Tip: Use your students’ names in the sentences. They will LOVE seeing/reading their name in these activities. You can also use vocabulary or content from other subjects in your sentences.



  • In order for this “magic” to happen, the file must be opened in Adobe Reader (it’s free!) on a desktop computer or laptop. Directions, links, and video tutorial provided. Please do not purchase this resource if you do not have access to Adobe Reader on a desktop computer or laptop.


Editable Autofill Printables Included for Each Month

  • High Frequency Word Poster (included in color and black/white)
  • Printable High Frequency Word List (2 per page)
  • High Frequency Word Flashcards (1 page of 10)
  • Learn the High Frequency Word Pages – 1 High Frequency word per page – 10 pages total
  • Compare the High Frequency Word Pages – 2 High Frequency word per page – 5 pages total
  • High Frequency Word Matching Pages – practice words 1-5, 6-10, and 1-10 -3 pages total
  • Color by High Frequency Word Pages – (sight words 1-5) and (sight words 6-10) – 2 pages total
  • High Frequency Words Beginning Sounds Decoding – 1 page total
  • High Frequency Words Fluency Tables – practice High Frequency words 1-5, practice High Frequency words 6-10 – 2 pages total
  • High Frequency Word Fluency Sentences – High Frequency words 1-5, High Frequency words 6-10, High Frequency words 1-10 – 3 pages total
  • High Frequency Word Assessment – 2 total pages (+1 extra in black/white)


Activity Types & Formatting

  • Please note that the activity types and formatting will remain consistent each month. The themes will change, yet students will be able to benefit from consistent sight word practice. Additionally, because of the consistent practice, they will understand how to complete the activities each month so that they can focus on learning the new sight words at hand.


Custom Changes
  • Please note: I love to hear your requests! However, I am unable to accommodate custom changes at this time.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 408 EDITABLE pages

Get all of the resources below at a discount by purchasing this bundle!

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