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These “color by number” pages serve as number sense worksheets for kindergarten and first graders learning how to represent numbers 0-20. Unlike other number worksheets, these color by number sense activities really make your students think about number representation.
This number sense worksheets bundle includes no prep number sense activities for numbers 0-20. 
On each page, multiple forms of number representation are used. Students must count before they can color.

Forms of number representation on every number sense worksheet:

  • dice/die
  • base 10 blocks/cubes
  • tally marks
  • ten frames
  • hands/fingers
  • numbers (at the top on the color key)
Once they have completed the page, they will be surprised to reveal a colorful numeral.

Number Sense & Level of Difficulty

  • All numerals are compared within 5. For example, the “5” page will require students to count and recognize numbers 3-7.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 22 pages

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