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Are you looking for the perfect way to teach new high frequency words and review old high frequency words while distance learning? You NEED this resource.
Digital high frequency word activities can be fun, but what good are they if students haven’t learned the high frequency word yet? Should they practice something that they haven’t learned about yet?
Enter: Digital high frequency Words Learn and Practice SET TWO! This 100% digital high frequency word resource is every high frequency word teacher’s dream! Yes, that you includes you, homeschool parents! Teachers and parents asked for more high frequency word lessons, so there they are!
Each high frequency word activity (there are 100 words included!) guides students through learning the word, reading the word, identifying the word, building/spelling the word, and using the word.

High Frequency Word Lessons and Practice

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  • This resource was created for use with Google Slides™️. It comes Google-ready and is perfect for use with Google Classroom™️, Gmail and/or Google Drive™️.


    150 High Frequency Word Activities

    • Each activity set is focused on ONE high frequency word. Students are taken through the process of learning and practicing the high frequency word.
    • Every single high frequency word in this set follows this consistent pattern so that students can focus on learning the high frequency word and not on new activities/directions.
    • Please do not purchase this if you want 100 *different* high frequency word lessons. The activities are consistent for a reason - it benefits the students when they can focus on the new word being learned and not the activity.


    When can I use these?

    • This essential high frequency word resource is perfect for distance learning, tutoring, digital high frequency word centers, paperless high frequency word assignments, and more.


    Each High Frequency Word Lesson & Practice Includes:

    There are 8 slides/cards PER high frequency word.
    Within the 8 slides/cards, students will:

    • Read the word (Option: Have the word read to them by clicking the sound icon.)
    • Say the word aloud three times while looking at the word.
    • Spell the word (Option: Have the letters dictated to them by clicking the sound icon)
    • Spell the word aloud three times while looking at the word.
    • Sort the letters in the word by vowels and consonants. (Drag and drop the letters into the t-chart)
    • Identify the word among other words that look and/or sound the same.
    • Fill in the missing letters to complete the word.
    • Build the word. (Drag and drop the letters into blank letter boxes in the right order.)
    • Identify the word in an easy-to-read sentence that includes picture clues.
    • Read the sentence mentioned above three times. (Option: have the sentence read aloud by clicking the sound icon; Includes motivating “feeding” of pets each time you read.”
    • Type the word. (Then, students drag away the ► to reveal the word and check their answer.)
    • Finally, students choose a “digital sticker” to give themselves for learning a new high frequency word.

      If students are playing through Boom Cards, all of the above activities will have instant feedback! It will let them know if their answer was correct. If it was incorrect, it will give them the opportunity to try again.


    Google Slides™️/Google Classroom™️ 
    • All 100 high frequency word lessons and practice in a Google Slides™️ format.
    • (Teacher) Directions for access and use , including tutorial videos.***


    100 High Frequency Words Included

    These words Fry’s 2nd 100 high frequency words in alphabetical order.

    1. after

    2. again

    3. air

    4. also

    5. America

    6. animal

    7. another

    8. answer

    9. any

    10. around

    11. ask

    12. away*

    13. back

    14. because

    15. before

    16. big

    17. boy

    18. came*

    19. change

    20. different

    21. does

    22. end

    23. even

    24. follow

    25. form

    26. found

    27. give

    28. good*

    29. great

    30. hand

    31. help*

    32. here*

    33. home

    34. house

    35. just

    36. kind

    37. know

    38. land

    39. large

    40. learn

    41. letter

    42. line

    43. little*

    44. live

    45. man

    46. me*

    47. means

    48. men

    49. most

    50. mother

    51. move

    52. much

    53. must*

    54. name

    55. need

    56. new*

    57. off

    58. old

    59. only

    60. our*

    61. over

    62. page

    63. picture

    64. place

    65. play*

    66. point

    67. put

    68. read

    69. right

    70. same

    71. say*

    72. sentence

    73. set

    74. should

    75. show

    76. small

    77. sound

    78. spell

    79. still

    80. study

    81. such

    82. take

    83. tell

    84. things

    85. think

    86. three*

    87. through

    88. too*

    89. try

    90. turn

    91. us

    92. very

    93. want*

    94. well*

    95. went*

    96. where*

    97. why

    98. work

    99. world

    100. years

    *Words are repeated from the Set 1 addition.

    Included in this Instant Download:

    • PDF with clickable links for Google Slides (100 words included/total of 800 slides)

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