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As teachers, we know the importance of consistent spiral review, especially when it comes to phonics and reading. But we can get so busy teaching new phonics skills, that we often forget to provide that consistent, explicit, and systematic phonics review.
These passages (with comprehension activities) give your students the phonics review that they need, without the prep on your end. You can download these passages knowing that they are decodable (science of reading aligned), engaging, and provide before and after reading activities. 


But Lauren, you have so many phonics passages, how are these different?
  • These are phonics review passages.
  • Most phonics resources focus on one specific skill.¬†
  • These decodable passages focus on a¬†set of skills.
  • For example, instead of having a phonics story that targets the -ab word family, this set of phonics comprehension passages focuses on all short a word families in one story.


About the Phonics Review Passages + Activities 
  • Each passage includes two pages: one page with the passage in a child-friendly font with appropriate spacing and another page with before and after reading activities.
  • About the Passage
    • The page the passage is on includes the targeted phonics skill set in the top right corner. It also includes three stars at the bottom. Students build fluency by reading the passage three times, coloring a star each time they read.
  • Before Reading Activities
    • Students read and review the words in the sight word fluency chart. These are the sight words that appear in the passage.
    • Students search for and write targeted skill words in the fluency table.¬†
      • There are TWO versions of this page. One page includes a blank table - students must find and identify the words from the passage and write them in the table, the other includes words in the table in a traceable font. Students trace and write the words before finding them in the passage.
  • After Reading Activities¬†
    • Students answer two, text-based, short response questions and one text-based multiple choice question.


Decodable Phonics Skill Passages included/to be included in this set:
  • CVC words / 10 stories / available now
  • Digraphs / 3 stories / available now
  • Double final consonants / 2 stories / available now
  • Beginning Blends / 5 stories / available now
  • Ending blends / 3 stories / available now
  • Glued sounds / 2 stories / available now
  • Suffixes / 2 stories / available now
  • CVCe / 9 stories / available now
  • Long vowel teams / 5 stories / available now
  • R-controlled vowels / 5 stories / available now
  • Diphthongs / 5 stories / available now


A Note about Scope & Sequence
  • Each skill set can/will include skills previously available (see list above). For example, the digraphs resource can/will include CVC words if needed to make engaging sentences and stories.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 51 phonics passages
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