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Build short vowel CVC fluency with these reading comprehension passages and questions! These short vowel phonics passages offer MIXED vowel practice for CVC word families. They are perfect for emergent readers, kindergarteners, intervention, tutoring, and more!


For every passage, you will find:

  • The targeted word families/vowel sounds listed in the left hand corner so it's easy for you and your students to reference.
  • Crayons and target skills above the passage so that your students can color code the CVC words in the passage before reading. The crayons are white so that YOU (or your students) can choose which color to use. I recommend that students decode the words in isolation as they highlight/color the words before reading them in context. This can also be used to frontload vocabulary for ELL/ESL students.
  • 6-10 sentences per passage so that your students can successfully read a story without feeling overwhelmed.
  • The passages use mostly CVC words and sight words so that your students can successfully decode without confusion!
  • Three fluency-building smiley faces at the bottom - Students mark or color a smiley face each time they read.
  • Text-based comprehension questions with multiple choice answers so that you can assess whether or not your students are comprehending what they read


The following CVC word families are included. There is one passage per skill for a total of 25 passages. (For example, the ag + am passage is ONE passage that uses am family words and am family words.)


Mixed CVC practice passages included:

Short A
  • ag + am family
  • ab + ad family
  • an + ap family
  • ap + at family


Short E
  • ed + en family
  • eg + et family


Short I
  • id + in family
  • ig + im family
  • ip + it family


Short O
  • op + ot family
  • ob + op family
  • og + ox family


Short U
  • ub + ug family
  • un + ut family
  • ug + um family


Mixed vowel passages included:
  • a + e families
  • a + i families
  • a + o families
  • a + u families
  • e + i families
  • e + o families
  • e + u families
  • i + o families
  • i + u families
  • o + u families


**As of October 17, 2022, Digital Google Slides of ALL passages have been added!**

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 25 pages
  • PDF with clickable links to each of the 25 passages for Google Slides

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