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They’re perfect for beginning readers because they are printable, require no prep, and include pre-reading and post-reading activities. No worries about germ-sharing here! Every student can have their own decodable reader and extension activities - with limited paper on your end!


About the Printable Decodable Readers

  • Each Decodable Reader is made of ONE page. No stapling required. Just print, fold, and go!


About the Extension Activities

  • The pre-reading and post-reading extension activities are one combined page. They are no prep. Just fold and go!


Pre-Reading Activities

  • Students will highlight the words with glued sounds both in the reader and on the extension activity page.
  • Students will point and read the words with glued sounds. (decoding practice)
  • Students will point and read the sight words. (front loading)
  • Students will read the decodable reader three times to build fluency.


Post-Reading Activities

  • Students will answer the two multiple-choice, text-based questions.
  • Students will write words with glued sounds on the lines provided.


There are 21 books included; each with a pre/post reading activity (shared) page.
⭐️ Remember, these books are decodable, so they focus on words with glued sounds. Many words contain consonant blends (i.e. sting)! ⭐️

Glued Sounds Books

  • ank (3 books)
  • ang (2 books)
  • ing (3 books)
  • ink (3 books)
  • ong (3 books
  • unk (2 books)
  • mixed review (5 books)

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 21 books
  • Comprehension page for EACH book (total of 21 comprehension pages)

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