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Short Vowel All-in-One Reading Passages are the perfect addition to any primary classroom. They can be used for skill practice, reading comprehension, fluency, cold reads, assessment, homework and more!
These short vowel reading comprehension passages are great for distance learning, too!
--DISTANCE LEARNING UPDATE - March 17, 2020---
***I have now added DIGITAL versions of these All-in-One Reading Passages that have been formatted for use with Google Drive! You can access them at no extra cost in the download!*** (UK spellings not yet available in digital format) 
--UPDATE November 30, 2020--
These passages are now Seesaw-ready!
Each passage focuses on one short vowel word family (as seen in left corner). It includes a story, picture clue, and questions that require students to cite evidence.
Please note, these are not meant to be 100% decodableThey are meant to target the word family at hand while building fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Short Vowel Word Family Passages Included:

Short A Word Families (6)
  • ad family
  • ag family
  • am family
  • an family
  • ap family
  • at family


Short E Word Families (3)
  • ed family
  • en family
  • et family


Short I Word Families (6)
  • id family
  • ig family
  • im family
  • in family
  • ip family
  • it family


Short O Word Families (4)
  • ob family
  • og family
  • op family
  • ot family


Short U Word Families (4)
  • ub family
  • ug family
  • un family
  • ut family


I've added 10 MORE Short Vowel Reading Passages!
  • ab
  • ack
  • ell
  • est
  • ill
  • ick
  • ock
  • uck
  • unk
  • um

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 33 passages
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital Google Slides access
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital SeeSaw access

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