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All-in-One Reading Passages - Short Vowel Word Families 2nd Edition is the perfect addition to any primary classroom. They can be used for skill practice, reading comprehension, fluency, cold reads, assessment, homework and more!
--DISTANCE LEARNING UPDATE - March 22, 2020---
***I have now added DIGITAL versions of the All-in-One Reading Passages that have been formatted for use with Google Drive! You can access them via a PDF included in the download!*** (UK spellings not yet available in digital format)
Update: November 30, 2020
Seesaw-ready passages are now available!


Each passage focuses on one short vowel word family (as seen in left corner). It includes a story, picture clue, and questions that require students to cite evidence.


Short Vowel Word Families Included:

Short A Word Families (9)
  • ab
  • ack
  • ad
  • ag
  • am
  • an
  • ank
  • ap
  • at


Short E Word Families (5)
  • ed
  • ell
  • en
  • est
  • et


Short I Word Families (10)
  • ick
  • id
  • ig
  • im
  • ill
  • in
  • ing
  • ink
  • ip
  • it


Short O Word Families (5)
  • ob
  • ock
  • og
  • op
  • ot


Short U Word Families (7)
  • ub
  • uck
  • ug
  • um
  • un
  • unk
  • ut
Note: This set is available in UK/British spellings. Contact me via email more info! 

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 36 passages
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital Google Slides access
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital SeeSaw access

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