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Word reading fluency is so important in learning to read, especially when learning long vowels (silent e, magic e, cvce, long vowel teams, etc.) in phonics! 
Students need the opportunity to apply newly learned phonics skills in the context of words with these phonics drills.
These One Page Wonders provide everything you need for no prep, scaffolded, decoding practice that will lead to FLUENCY!


All about the long vowel word fluency phonics drills

  • Target phonics skill is easy to locate so you can quickly find just what you need for each lesson
  • Stars indicates level of difficulty, so differentiation is easy
  • Warm-up frontloads students with skills they will find in the fluency table for ultimate decoding success
  • Fluency table with decodable words only
  • Three smiley faces encourage students to reread the table and build optimum word fluency


*Please read the list below and know I am unable to make custom changes for you at this time!*


✴️This is TWO packets in one, YAY!✴️

Since long vowels include CVCe (or silent e, magic e...) AND vowel teams, I've included two packets in ONE!


CVCe Skills Included:

  • Long a
  • Long i
  • Long o
  • Long u


Vowel Team Skills Included:

  • Long A Vowel Teams:
    • ai
    •  ay
  • Long E Vowel Teams
    • ea
    • ee
    • ie
  • Long I Vowel Teams
    • igh
    • y
    • ie
  • Long O Vowel Teams
    • oa
    • ow
    • oe
  • Long U Vowel Teams
    • ew
    • oo
    • ue
  • Mixed Long Vowel Teams 1
    • long a, long e, long o
  • Mixed Long Vowel Teams 2
    • long i, long u

Three Levels

Stars on each page indicate the level of difficulty.



  • 1 star - CVCe
  • 2 stars - CCVCe (digraphs)
  • 3 stars - CCVCe (blends)


Long Vowel Teams

  • 1 star - Vowel team + single consonants
  • 2 stars - Vowel team + beginning digraphs and blends
  • 3 stars - Vowel team + beginning and ending digraphs and blends [when applicable]


Each category above comes in two sets:

  • real words set
  • nonsense words set


Ways to Use

  • Single student use: Copy the pages and give one to each student. These are great to use whole group, in reading groups, tutoring, homework, and more!
  • Multi student use: Print on cardstock and/or laminate. Place on rings according to vowel sound. Use (again and again) in reading groups, tutoring, and more!

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 60 pages

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