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Phonics Intervention Minis - From Skill to Story are a research-based, decodable, reading intervention resource that and has everything you need to teach a skill from isolation into the context of reading.

Each phonics skill (digraph skill) is covered over a two-page spread.

For each digraph intervention activity, students will:
Page 1
  • point and say letter sounds (that will be used in the targeted words with digraphs)
  • blend and read words with digraphs (with the targeted word family)
  • Word map (tap, map, and graph) words with the targeted word family
  • Read the digraph words fluency table three times
Page 2
  • Read the digraph words in the context of a short, decodable sentence. (Read each sentence three times for fluency)
  • Read the digraph words in the context of a a short, engaging, and decodable story. (Read the story three times for fluency).

Important Note: The sentences and passages involved in the intervention activity use ONLY the targeted phonics skill words (digraphs) and sight words from Fry's first 100 sight word list.

Digraph Skills - 7 INCLUDED
  • beginning ch digraph
  • beginning sh digraph 
  • beginning th digraph 
  • ending ch digraph 
  • ending sh digraph
  • ending th digraph 
  • ending ck digraph
-Each skill has it's own set of intervention pages (a two-page spread).
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