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There are so many possibilities with these number puzzles!
Students in Pre-K & Kinder can practice different ways to represent values with these fun and hands-on number puzzles. Each puzzle provides the opportunity to practice corresponding the correct numeral, number word, and ten frame (dots/objects) together. Additionally, students can practice fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, and tracing) as well as writing numbers and (number) words.


This product comes in TWO styles!

Style 1:
  • The first style of number puzzles 1-20 incudes a written numeral piece, number word piece, and ten frame piece that all connect. To use print on cardstock, cut, and laminate for durability. I personally recommend printing on colored cardstock some for added flair! Then, these puzzle pieces can be mixed and used during math centers, interventions, assessments, and/or for early finishers.


Style 2:
  • The second style of number puzzles 1-20 includes a dotted numeral piece (for tracing), a dotted number word piece (for tracing), and an empty ten frame piece (for filling accordingly). To fill the ten frame students can draw, color with crayons or markers, fill with stickers, or even stamp! With these pieces, students not only practice number correspondence, they also practice writing numbers, (number words), counting/filling a ten frame, and fine motor skills. I recommend students write, cut, and then paste/connect the puzzles on colored construction paper. Or, instead of gluing the pieces, the students can keep and collect them for number practice at home!


*Just in case you think of another number puzzle activity, I have included a blank puzzle piece for you as well.
**These puzzles provide practice for mastery of Common Core State Standards K.CC.A.3 and K.CC.B.5.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 44 pages
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