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Quickly and easily create custom magnetic letter name mats for your students with these editable magnetic letter mats! This is perfect for name practice as students use magnetic letters to build their name over the mat.


What do I need?

  • Class List
  • Adobe Reader (free program)


How does it work?

  • Open the PDF file
  • Type your students' names in the list
  • 30 custom name building mats will instantly autofill
  • Print, cut, and use (over and over again)
You can use first names or last names. Better yet, you can reuse the file to create an unlimited number of letter name mats!

Important Information

  • This file works best when used with Adobe Reader [free], not Preview or your Internet Browser.
  • In order for these name mats to be the *perfect* size for magnetic letters, there is a 9 letter maximum. However, I understand that some student names are longer than 9 letters. Therefore, I have included two PowerPoint files (one for Mac and one for PC). They are clearly labeled. You will be able to change the font size to fit your students' with longer names.Please note that for this reason, the magnetic letters will be larger than the letters that print on the mat. Be aware PowerPoint files do NOT autofill.

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 31 EDITABLE pages
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