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ÔĽŅDigraph posters with words and sound pictures, perfect for any classroom!
Are you looking for clear, precise and distraction-free digraph posters for the classroom? Here they are!
Please read the description in it's entirety so you know exactly what posters/pictures you are getting before purchasing.

Phonics Digraph Poster Features

  • Primary-friendly¬†lowercase letters¬†in the left hand corner.
  • One clean and clear¬†sound image¬†per page
  • Word¬†that supports the picture in the bottom left-hand corner
  • Posters come in¬†color and black/white versions


Digraphs & Pictures

  • ch - cherry (beginning digraph)
  • ch - bench (ending digraph)
  • tch - match
  • ck - duck
  • kn - knight
  • ph - phone
  • sh - ship (beginning digraph)
  • sh - brush (ending digraph)
  • s - unsure
  • s - treasure
  • ch - chef
  • ci - delicious
  • si - discussion
  • si - explosion
  • ti - motion
  • xi - anxious
  • th - thumb (beginning digraph)
  • th - bath (ending digraph)
  • th - brother
  • wh - whale


Other Uses

  • Flashcards¬†- Use your printer settings to print these posters 4 per page. Then punch a hole and place these posters on a ring. Voila! You have flashcards!
  • Word Wall Headers¬†- Use your printer to scale the size of the posters as needed. Then use the posters as your word wall headers.
  • Alphabet Book¬†- Print and bind for an alphabet book!

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 20 color pages and 20 black/white pages

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