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Help your students learn and practice long vowel word families with these CVCe word family activity books!
These CVCe magic e books are made from ONE sheet of paper. Without staples or glue (just some folds and one quick snip), it turns into 8 pages that your students can take home and read as they practice the skills in the book! Step-by-step, picture and text directions are included.


This set includes one itty bitty book for each of the following CVCe word families:

  • ake family
  • ame family
  • ate family
  • ane family
  • ale family
  • ave family
  • age family
  • ide family
  • ime family
  • ile family
  • ine family
  • ose family
  • one family
  • ote family
  • oke family
  • ole family
  • Long U (mixed) CVCe word families book


Each book includes:

  • Tracking dots under each of the 4 CVCe word family words
  • A detailed kid-friendly picture that matches each word family word
  • Word and picture match (draw a line to the correct word/picture)
  • Word family tracing page
  • Pictureless word family reading review (with tracking dots)

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 17 pages
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