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Back to School Night Donation Board is the cutest and quickest way to ask able parents to bring in supplies for your classroom! 
It can be displayed on your whiteboard and/or bulletin board during back to school night, parent information night (PIN), open house, etc.! If they desire, parents choose a bee card with a supply on it they are willing to bring in. Then they return the card with the supply and voila - you've got what you need!


Included in this instant download:

  • EASY to follow directions
  • Two cute bee themed posters asking for donations.
  • One Editable poster - make it say whatever you want!
  • Editable Bee Supply Cards - Type in the supplies you need and make as many cards as you want!
I hope you find this as useful in your classroom as I did mine!

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PowerPoint editable file
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