This is the ULTIMATE list of picture book read alouds for primary grades. Every topic and season is included, and books were carefully picked by teachers!

You may or may not know - but I am obsessed with teaching kids how to read! ?

However, teaching kids to read isn't just about phonics and fluency. It's about fostering a love of reading. ?

One of my favorite way to do this is through picture book read alouds!

My teacher friends and I have spent hours and hours (teaching and) researching the very best read aloud books for primary teachers.

...and guess what? Now you don't have to! ?

Picking the Best Read Alouds

Trust me, this isn't your middle-of-the-road I-can-search-Amazon list of books blog post. ?

These books have been read and loved by primary teachers just like you. ? Careful attention and consideration has gone into each and every book selection.

You'll notice we give a detailed description of each book, too. We want you to know exactly what it's about and exactly why we love it for the classroom. ?

Whether you're starting your very first classroom library, or you're looking to add to your current library, you just can't go wrong with any of these books. ?

We've organized the best read aloud book list according to seasons, holidays, and topics! Just click on an image to see our blog post for top picture book recommendations for classroom read alouds.

Be sure to bookmark this page! We will update this book as we create quality book lists to share with you!


Back to School Read Alouds

back to school books
growth mindset books
books about bullying

Holiday Read Alouds

February 29th coming in 2020!

picture books for february 29 leap day

Patriot Day, September 11

books bout 9/11

Read Alouds for Primary Grade Content

Rhyming Books

Picture books for teaching rhyming

Phonemic Awareness Books

phonemic awareness books

Fire Safety Books

fire safety rules books

Miscellaneous Book Recommendations

My love of reading has already transferred to my baby! ? I've narrowed down her (and my nephew's) favorite 11 baby books. (And that says a lot, because my husband will tell you I've bought them way too many books. #nevertoomany)

Favorite baby books
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