Videos are an engaging and effective way to teach phonics to kids. I've compiled a giant list of YouTube videos for every phonics lesson! Your students will love learning and practicing phonics with these engaging videos.

I love using videos to "hook" my students before a lesson, review a previously taught concept, or to introduce something totally new!

Let's face it - our students are 21st century learners who love screen time. Why not use that to our advantage?

I've compiled a list of teacher-approved YouTube videos for EVERY phonics skill! ?

As you can imagine, this took me a very long time.

Every time I went to teach a new skill, I would spend time at home queuing up the perfect intro video(s), or review video(s), for my lesson. Add up all those hours and I spent way too much time on this. ??‍♀️

Now don't get me wrong. The time spent is TOTALLY worth it. When your students burst into song about phonics that helps them remember how to read, your teacher heart will burst!

But let's be real. Ain't nobody got time for that! ?

Especially you, right??

I know you're busy. (And overworked, but that's another blog post, isn't it?)

Don't worry, I've got your back!

(My teacher friends and I spent time making sure that these were the latest-and-greatest phonics videos, and not just the ones that I used a few years ago.)

Below, I've listed ALL of the videos.

Here they are, in one place, to save YOU time! #YAY ?

Bookmark this page on your computer, and you'll never waste hours searching for the perfect video for your phonics lesson. (Like I did. ??‍♀️)

videos for teaching phonics in the classroom

Disclaimer: While I personally believe these videos are appropriate for preschool, kindergarten and first grade classrooms, remember that there can often be inappropriate ads before and after YouTube videos. Also, I always recommend previewing the full video before showing it to your class.

If you plan to show YouTube videos in your classroom, I highly recommend that you read this blog post by Catherine, the Brown Bag Teacher. She shares three ways to eliminate YouTube video ads so that you can safely play these learning videos in your classroom.

Wait, how do I know when to teach a new phonics skill?

Are you wondering which phonics skills you should teach, and in what order? Before sharing these videos with your students, be sure to check this free phonics scope and sequence!

Videos for Teaching Phonemic Awareness

Since phonological and phonemic awareness are the foundation of learning to read using phonics, I decided to include these in the list, too!

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

phonemic awareness videos for the classroom

Songs for Teaching and Practicing Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

phonemic awareness songs

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Rhyming

rhyming videos

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Syllables

syllable videos

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Blending and Segmenting Sounds in Words

blending and segmenting words videos

Videos for Teaching Phonics

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Letter Sounds

videos to teach letter sounds

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Letter Blends

videos for teaching letter blends

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Digraphs

teach phonics digraphs

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Reading CVC Words

Videos for Teaching and Practicing CVCe Silent E/Sneaky E/ Magic E

silent e videos

Videos for Teaching and Practicing R-Controlled Vowels

r controlled vowel videos

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Vowel Diphthongs (AKA Vowel Digraphs)

diphthongs videos

Videos for Teaching and Practicing Reading Multisyllabic Words

multisyllabic word videos

The Effective Way to Teach Phonics

Did you know that teaching phonics is like teaching driving? ?

⚠️If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to read this analogy.⚠️ It will change the way you teach phonics - for the better!

Click to read about the most effective way to teach phonics!

More Phonics Videos for Your Lessons

As I find more videos for teaching reading, or as YouTube gains more awesome videos for our reading lessons, I'll be sure to update this page! ?

Don't forget to bookmark it, so you can come back and again and again. ?

Oh, and if I missed any of your favorites, please save us all time and let me know in the comments below. ? I'll be sure to add them to this post!

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