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After learning a new phonics skill, students need to apply that skill in word reading. Decoding Drills provide students the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills in a fun and engaging format.
The use of nonsense words in Decoding Drills helps students build speed and automaticity when reading. The use of real words in Decoding Drills provides students exposure to words with that skill. This means that this practice will improve student fluency when reading. The skills used here spiral, meaning that as students progress through the phonics skills, they continue to review past skills.
This resource is excellent for guided reading warm-ups, lesson introductions and reviews, small-group work, independent practice, homework, and more!
--DISTANCE LEARNING UPDATE - August 17, 2020---
***I have now added DIGITAL versions of Decoding Drills that have been formatted for use with Google Slides™️! You can access them at no extra cost in the BONUS file section!***


There are two versions included in every set:

Class Set

Print this version on cardstock, and/or laminate for durability. (Have enough for each student in your largest group). Cut in half with a paper cutter. Punch holes over the black circles in the upper left-hand corner. Attach with a one-inch binder ring. These are perfect for small groups and one-on-one practice. Best of all, you can use them year after year!

Student Copies

Do you want each student to have his or her own set of Decoding Drills? Print, cut, and staple. You’ll notice that the bottom has recording boxes. Since each student has his or her own book, you can monitor student progress. Use these boxes to record data of your choice (number of words read correctly, words read per given time, etc.).

Sets Included in the Bundle
  • Decoding Drills - The Short Vowel Edition
  • Decoding Drills - The Digraphs Edition
  • Decoding Drills - The Blends Edition
  • Decoding Drills - The Long Vowel Edition
  • Decoding Drills - The Diphthongs Edition
  • Decoding Drills - The R-Controlled Vowels Edition

Included in this Instant Download:

  • PDF with 489 pages
  • PDF with clickable links for Digital Google Slides access

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